Welcome to the 3 Jacks Poker Club! Started on the US West Coast in 1973 by three guys (only one named Jack), it grew over the years to have over 70 members in its heyday. As time went on it slowly lost steam when two of the founders moved away. The club went dormant in the 90’s, but resurfaced on the US East Coast in the early 2010’s.

Currently focused on Texas Hold’em, the Club has its own chip bank and marker system for members. Game stakes are nominal, this is primarily a social club. The club has invested in a portable poker table and chairs, plus a custom chip bank (“Desert Sands” Casino chips and “Nevada Jacks” plaques), that will support up to 27 tournament players.

Membership is by invitation only, and the club currently operates in the Northern Virginia area. Members may bring a guest. If you are interested in playing with the club, use the contact form and a member may reach out to you.